Delhi’s pollution is not a new thing, and this year the city has the same environmental problems that impede student education. Due to the severity of the pollution, the government of Delhi has stated that classes 1 to 8 will be closed until November 8. Additionally, the schools have been instructed to offer online classes rather than physical classes to students in Classes 9–12, according to the news. The government has also given out instructions, which say that outdoor activities like meetings and sports will still be banned in all schools.

As the pollution levels rose, Stage IV of GRAP—”severe” air quality (DELHI AQI > 450)—was introduced immediately as a preventative measure to prevent further worsening of the NCR’s overall air quality, and limitations on outdoor activities and schools were implemented. Despite this, the internet is the only thing that keeps all work, including office jobs and student education, going.

We are all now familiar with the internet and its applications; it’s like a boon for all of us. Some principals of Delhi schools have stated that closing schools is not an option. Of course, that is not an option, but we can hunt for the best online classes in the vicinity of Delhi and Noida despite the pollution to avoid breathing these toxic gases and continue education. Children, the elderly, and those with respiratory, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, or other chronic disorders have been recommended to avoid outdoor activities and be indoors as much as possible.

In addition, the guidelines stipulate that only vehicles transporting vital goods and supplies are permitted. According to the Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and Adjacent Areas, the NCR State Governments/GNCTD will decide whether to enable public, municipal, and private offices to operate with a 50% staff and the remainder to work from home. In such dire circumstances, it is not incorrect to state that digitalization is the whipping boy for all of us.

If you live close to Delhi or Noida, you should avoid outside work as much as possible and follow the restrictions that are imposed. If you are anxious about your studies, you should enrol in the best online classes, as these online platforms are becoming the best way to read. Today, 41.6% of students use online classes to continue their education. Therefore, use these hours and benefits of online courses. Students Panda provides one of the top online programmes as well as expert courses such as Digital Marketing, AutoCAD, and Building Estimation for excellent results, or you will find many courses in your region as well. enrol

and study without going to physical education classes.

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