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About The Micro-Scholarship Program

Introducing Students Panda micro scholarship program powered by Auro Scholar, designed to boost student learning outcomes, this program incentivizes academic excellence by rewarding students with monthly micro-scholarships for achieving an impressive 80% performance in a quick 10-minute quiz that’s curriculum-aligned and accessible via smartphone. And the rewards are truly impressive!

    • Students can earn up to INR 1,000 per month (that’s INR 50 per quiz for 20 quizzes across 5 subjects), which they can then use to pay for their preferred education providers or transfer to their bank account.
    •  If  you don’t ace the quiz on your first try – Auro Scholar gives you not one, but two additional attempts to improve your score and earn that coveted micro-scholarship. 
    • The Micro-Scholarship program is open to students of classes 1 to 12, offering financial support for academic excellence and improved learning outcomes in India.

So, what are you  waiting for Students? Join the Students Panda micro scholarship program and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve academic excellence while earning rewards that can help you further your education!

What Is In It For The Students?

  • Accessible Learning: Students can access the curriculum-aligned quizzes via smartphone, making it easier to learn and study on-the-go.
  • Incentivized Learning: Students Panda provides students with a tangible incentive to achieve academic excellence by offering monthly micro-scholarships for scoring 80% or more in the quiz.
  • Remedial Learning: Even if students don’t score high enough in their first attempt, they can retake the quiz twice, providing a valuable opportunity for remedial learning and improvement.
  • Financial Assistance: With the ability to earn up to INR 1,000 per month, students can use the micro-scholarships to pay for education-related expenses or transfer the funds to their bank account.
  • Improved Learning Outcomes: By encouraging students to study and achieve high scores, Students Panda helps to improve learning outcomes, boosting student confidence and academic achievement.


Motives Of Students Panda Behind The
Micro Scholarship Program.

Students Panda’s Micro Scholarship Program powered by Auro Scholar aims to benefit students by providing access to a comprehensive and flexible online learning platform, while also offering valuable incentives that can help students to achieve their academic goals.


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Only students from Class 1 to 12 in India are eligible to participate in the Auro Scholar Micro Scholarship Program. Students can register online.

Fun and Engaging Learning

Students Panda's quizzes are designed to be fun and engaging, making learning a fun-filled experience that you'll look forward to every day.

Improve Your Future

With our micro scholarship program, you can improve your future by boosting your academic credentials and earning valuable incentives.

Win Big

Get a chance to win big every month! With up to INR 1,000/month in micro scholarships up for grabs, the rewards for academic excellence are bigger than ever.

Get ahead of the Competition

By joining micro scholarship program, you can gain a competitive advantage over your peers and stand out in your academic and professional pursuits.

Discover New Opportunities

This program provides access to a variety of educational providers, enabling you to discover new learning opportunities and expand your knowledge and skills.