Traditional secondary education is dropping in enrolment from 1% to 2% per year as students find online learning more affordable and flexible. Around 41.6% of students opt for online classes with more than 3 million students taking a subscription to e-learning platforms every year for their higher education.

Platforms like Students Panda is a complete one-stop solution for you. It provides quality knowledge that aims to upgrade students’ skills in the elemental phase of the career. This online learning platform is based on the mission to bridge the gap between tutors and students that helps students in meeting renowned teachers online. It works to give students a perfect online platform to solve all their problems related to learning and believes in making learning more personalized for them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of the classroom has gone online and has drastically evolved and changed the face of modern education. Did you know that online learning is way cheaper, more effective, and requires less time commitment than traditional education? That explains why around 80% of students are using online classes now than offline classes. Seeing these online platforms offer students, online classes will give students an on-time class feeling.

If you compare the previous scenarios with those today then you will find that today’s education system become very easy leaving the complexities of going to classes, exams, teachers, and more. Now you need internet access and it does not matter where you are. You can access your classes and complete any degrees you need to pursue from your home whether it is your bachelor’s, master’s, or any professional course you can do it online. This comfort and flexibility of online classes make them so much popular.

Benefits of Online Classes:

Interactive sessions with the Tutors
With around 46% of teachers taking training for online classes. Now on the online platform, the quality of education is improved drastically. Teachers use concepts of strong visuals and storytelling for teaching which gives students a feeling of interactive sessions with their tutors.

  1. Interesting quiz with Learning Students will enjoy online classes along with interesting quizzes for better practice and retention. Interesting quiz techniques are adopted by most platforms for better outcomes. Learning with the quiz method attracts students more to online learning platforms.
  2. Doubt-solving classesOnline learning faculties solve doubts instantly, conduct tests, and assign homework. eLearning platforms are engaging children more by giving quick responses to their students also they are conducting tests and giving homework for all overall development of the students.
  3. Progress Tests and Reports Students’ progress will get in-depth insights with topic-wise scores, time spent per question, and competitive stats. After taking the tests students will get to know about their progress virtually and will also receive their report cards from the site. This facility for online learning boosts the graph of the eLearning platform.
  4. Result Driven for sure success platform Classes are structured to help students not just learn concepts but also practice and revise them. Online classes are improved in such a way that they are providing result-driven courses and modules and students opting for these platforms in more numbers today.
  5. Personalized Learning– For a class-like experience, online classes offer classes that feel personalized to the students. Online classes with technology are not less than a realm of classroom classes you might feel the gap between real and virtual presence but other than that you will get personalized classes.
  6. Time FlexibilityStudents can watch recorded classes, online or offline from their comfort on mobile, PC, or tablet. The best feature of online classes is that you can watch any class any subject any topic or any tutor classes online anytime without the heed of time obstacles. It’s totally upon your comfort and time.
  7. Interact with your educator Chat with the educator, engage in discussions and ask your questions – all while the class is going on. To fill the gap between your educator and your conversation now online platforms were providing you with interactive sessions where you can interact with your educators easily and can ask them any questions you want to.
  8. Cost-Effective The price of online classes is affordable with the best educators, quality education, and trusted materials for students. Another appealing feature of online learning is there pricing. Yes, costing of online platforms is less than traditional education. This is also a factor why more students were rushing toward the online platforms.
  9. Trusted Content Online tutors follow updated syllabus in the classes to cope with the school patterns so you remain on the pinnacle. The content and syllabus used in the platforms are updated so, you can trust easily and follow the syllabuses according to your class and subjects. Online platforms also always remain a source of news to know about the changes in content or syllabus.
  10. Downloadable Material Get access to downloadable class notes with educator annotations for you to revisit and revise anytime. With online learning, you can easily get a pdf of your subject notes on your phone and you can access your subject revisions anytime anywhere according to your need.

Technology made our life easy and innovations give us more comfort. Online learning was introduced in the year 1984 by the University of Toronto but it catches the pace in 2019 during a pandemic when our whole education system takes a shift from traditional to digitalization with around 80% of companies and 50% of institutional students have used an e-learning platform.

Online learning improved drastically giving you almost all benefits of offline classes. It offers interactive, engaging classes with result-driven and doubt classes. The flexibility and pricing methods of online classes are very alluring also cost-effective courses attract a large number of students to move towards online classes.

The above-mentioned benefits are for sure a reason for the increasing demand for online learning and eLearning platforms of which Students panda is one. This upcoming online eLearning platform for students provides all the mentioned benefits to its enrolled students. Go and grab the chance of quality learning with updated tutors and content with Students Panda.

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