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AutoCAD Course

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What is AutoCAD?

Those were days when engineers and architects used to illustrate theirs by drawing them out by hand. But today, these pens and paper have been replaced by computers and design software like AutoCAD. With this digital design, ideas are brought to work much faster and more efficiently.

AutoCAD is the most basic course in designing and space management. It is used to produce 2D and 3D layouts as well as other engineering projects. In addition to these areas, AutoCAD is a program generally employed in mechanical, civil, electronics, and electrical engineering fields. If you want to build your future in the AutoCAD sector, then you need to undergo a complete study of the AutoCAD software and its working.

AutoCAD is a crucial software tool for anyone working in engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. With AutoCAD, you can make computer-based designs, drawings, take measurements, producing templates, and everything you required to generate professional designs. AutoCAD is the industry standard software for design, development, and drafting.


Total hrs : 25


Total hrs : 50

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